MBA's ongoing initiatives include supporting national focus events such as Teach Children to Save Day and Get Smart About Credit Day. As well as MBA's partnership with EverFi, Inc. to bring its interactive financial education platform to schools throughout Maryland . We are proud of the work being done by Maryland bankers to educate students at all grade levels.

Teach Children to Save Day

MBA proudly joins in the National Teach Children to Save Day held annually in April. This unique event is where Maryland bankers trade their spreadsheets for chalkboards every April to teach the ABC’s of financial education to elementary school students around the State.

MBA establishes partnerships with a number of schools across the state to provide opportunities for Maryland bankers to participate in this national event. Bankers are uniquely qualified to educate students about important financial education skills such as distinguishing between wants and needs and the benefits of building good savings habits at an early age. MBA's goal is to ensure that every child in Maryland has consistent access to quality financial education so that their financial ABCs are as well known as other basic life skills.

Get Smart About Credit

Many young adults today have easy access to credit but lack the skills to manage their personal finances successfully. Every October, Maryland bankers join with bankers across the nation for Get Smart About Credit to educate high school students about good money management skills.

Students learn how using credit wisely can open doors while abusing credit can shut them. Learning about budgeting, credit reports and interest rates help these students make wise financial choices now and in their adult years.

Contact MBA’s Cindy Gentilcore (443-837-1602) to learn how you can get involved with these programs.

Attention Members - Don't forget to submit the Financial Education Activity Report Form and inform MBA of your financial education efforts. Click here to download the printable form or the online form and submit your information electronically.


Since 2011, EverFi has been a preferred provider of Maryland Bank Services, Inc. (MBSI) the wholly owned for-profit subsidiary of the Maryland Bankers Association (MBA) to bring its interactive financial education platform to schools throughout Maryland.  EverFi’s mission is to help banks lead the path forward to a better financial future for young Americans. Your bank can fully private-label their technology allowing you to maximize brand exposure with students and their parents – and become a trusted source of quality financial education for the communities you serve. 

Click here to take a tour of the EverFi learning experience.

The EverFi Education Network has grown to more than 8,000 schools in all 50 states. The company’s on-the-ground activation team will handle every detail of program implementation and will provide you with valuable data on program reach. To lock in the schools in your footprint or to learn more about EverFi, please contact Ryan Swift, EverFi’s Vice President of Business Development at 202-629-0326 |  If you have any questions, contact MBA’s Cindy Gentilcore (443-837-1602).

Habitat for Humanity Maryland

Formalizing the work of many banks across the state, the MBA has partnered with the Habitat for Humanity Maryland, the state support organization for local Maryland Habitat for Humanity affiliates. In this partnership, the MBA and Habitat for Humanity Maryland will work together to provide financial education for partner families who are, or will be, the recipients of houses built by local volunteers which will reach more people in more locations and to meet the financial education requirements of the home recipients.

If you are interested in volunteering to teach financial education and playing a vital role in the lives of others, please contact Board President of Habitat for Humanity Maryland Susan Devlin (410-924-8080). If you have any questions, contact MBA’s Cindy Gentilcore (443-837-1602).